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Tualatin Life is a community newspaper like no other that we are aware. The majority of the articles are about the community, for the community, by the community. Sounds a lot like the founding principals of the USA? We think so too. This monthly newspaper gives us the opportunity to share what is on our minds, our perspective on current events and information that is valuable for everyone who wishes for a desirable long life.

These articles have been written by the doctors of True Health Medicine, PC and published in the Tualatin Life community newspaper. Adobe Reader or plugin are required to view the pages. Articles are organized most recent first.

Are you taking unprescribed antibiotics? - Bijana Devo, ND, Lac

Is the hcg diet right for you? - Wendy Rogers, ND, Lac

Hormonal men - Jeff Clark, ND

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Still coughing? - Bijana Devo, ND, Lac Bijana Devo, ND, Lac

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Medical traditions and paradigms - Jeff Clark, ND

Rebuilding the food pyramid - Anya Chang, ND, LMt

Is an "aspirin-a-day" too many? - Bijana Devo, ND, Lac

Allergy season: a call to action - Wendy Rogers, ND, Lac

Creating a blue zone in Tualatin, OR - Jeff Clark, ND

Metronidazole 500mg tablets

What your doctor might not have told you about cholesterol lowering drugs - Anya Chang, ND, LMt

Talk to your doctor about breast health - Bijana Devo, ND, Lac

Staying healthy into the new year and beyond - Wendy Rogers, ND, Lac

Getting over the swine flu - Jeff Clark, ND

Healthcare in America - Jeff Clark, ND