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We have a health crisis in our country with more than two thirds of the adult population overweight and obese. Our industrialized food supply and eating habits are contributing to the rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and early death after too many years of suffering ill health. True health starts with eating really good, minimally processed whole foods. Too many of us have been persuaded by massive marketing programs that the two most important attributes for any food decision is that it be convenient and inexpensive.

Healthful foods do not have to be expensive but what is the very best for you to eat does not come from a factory with microwave instructions. The very best food comes freshly picked and local. If you are not able to have your own kitchen garden then the farmer's market is the next best thing and the place to buy the fresh produce you are not currently growing in your own garden.

As part of the Tualatin Fit City Challenge, an initiative of the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce, the doctors of True Health Medicine, PC attended every session of Tualatin's farmer's market in 2010 offering free samples of easy to prepare dishes made from fresh whole foods. We also offered printed recipes cards so patrons of the market could cook our recipes for themselves. Nothing gave us more joy than for someone to sample our dish of the week, take the recipe, and then stop by and show us they had just purchased the fresh foods from the local farmers and were headed home to cook up our recipe for themselves.

The links below are recipes the doctors of True Health Medicine have cooked up and sampled for the public at the Tualatin Farmer's Market. Adobe Reader or plugin is required to view the pages.

Sauteed summer squash and fresh berry salad

Fresh seed or nut milk

Summer's bounty ox-tail soup

Roasted vegetable medley

Chilled zucchini soup

Raw strawberry rhubarb pie and raw green smoothie

Pork sausage sautee

Cabbage and kale coleslaw

Cranberry pecan and rice salad

Grilled corn and chard salad

Mediterranean kale

Strawberry sherbert