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What is True Health?

by Dr. Jeff Clark
My one sentence definition of "true health" is that it means feeling well, looking well, being of moderate body weight, and being physically able and active, all achieved without dependency on medications...more

by Dr. Bijana Devo
True health medicine is medicine that is health-centric and not disease focused. Allopathic medicine, the convention in our country today, is a practice that is based on managing disease....more

What is Naturopathic Medicine? 





In a free market, GMO labeling matters!
Dr. Clark's full article on the Oregonian's website

Welcome! to Teah Adams, DC, LMT

Dr. Adams photo

Dr. Adams most recently practiced at Bridgeport Village before joining the doctors at True Health Medicine, PC.

Her practice model uses a combination of gentle chiropractic adjusting, massage therapy techniques, and physiotherapy.

Dr. Adams' full biography

Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Adams: 503-691-0901

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to Dr. Adams at True Health Medicine, PC
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True Health Medicine, PC is the group medical practice of:

Teah Adams, DC, LMT #10565
Anya Chang, ND, LMT #8305,
Jeff Clark, ND,

Bijana Devo Kadakia, ND, Lac,
Lisa Pendleton, LMT #11127,
Wendy Rogers, ND, Lac

One of the most important naturopathic philosophies is to seek out and treat the causes of ill health, and not just medicate against the obvious symptoms. At our clinic we accomplish this by spending adequate time with our patients and really listening to what they have to say about their experiences. We then utilize our knowledge as doctors, laboratory testing, and diagnostic imaging to diagnose. Our treatments aim for restoration of health using modern and traditional approaches that have been used wisely for centuries.

In Oregon, naturopathic doctors are licensed with a scope of practice that makes them ideally suited to perform as primary care physicians. NDs order conventional laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, diagnose and treat disease using conventional and naturopathic treatments as appropriate for the patient and the presenting condition, and refer to medical specialists as needed. NDs prescribe lifestyle changes, specific nutrition, and natural remedies, and have a full scope of pharmaceutical drugs including controlled substances at their disposal.

True Health Medicine, PC offers a unique experience in modern medicine by seeking out and treating root causes, emphasizing the wisdom of nature, individualized care, and patient empowerment towards the goal of restoring health.

We provide treatments for:
  • Pain management and resolution
    • sports injuries
    • over use, weekend warriors
    • chronic inflammation
    • motor vehicle accidents
    • workman's compensation claims
  • Cures for sugar addiction and overeating
    • shed cravings and irrational hunger
    • rebalance intestinal microbial ecology
    • restore the ability to practice conscious eating
    • normalize blood sugar throughout the day
  • Hcg weight loss
    • manageable hunger
    • safely lose weight quickly
    • lose belly fat and weight from problem areas
    • restore normal blood lipid and sugar metabolism, blood pressure
    • body consumes its own stored energy, a more "natural" approach to weight loss than liposuction or bariatric stomach surgery
  • Heavy metal detoxification
    • dental mercury exposure
    • other metals and environmenal toxins
  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
    • improved energy
    • reduction of inflammation
    • increased mobilityFlagyl pregnancy
    • improved immune function
  • Complementary cancer care
    • high dose vitamin C
    • treatments that potentiate conventional cancer treatments
    • treatments that protect healthy tissues from chemotherapy and radiation
    • treatments that provide relief from chemotherapy and radiation side effects
  • Hormone balance
    • thyroid, hypothyroid, hashimotos's and other thyroiditis
    • adrenal function
    • women's hormones
    • men's hormones
  • Lifestyle medicine
    • blood pressure
    • cholesterol levels
    • blood sugar and mid-afternoon slump
    • dietary choices
    • treatments for sugar addiction
    • Hcg diet
Our therapeutics include:
  • acupuncture (for pain management and to inspire healing)
  • chiropractic manipulation, adjustments, physiotherapy
  • herbal medicine (antimicrobial, immune system support, hormone balance, anti-inflammatory, and so much more)
  • homeopathy, Drainage, Undas, bach flowers, flower essences
  • IV therapy (for nutritional restoration, high dose vitamin C and more)
  • massage therapy (for pain, stress and to inspire healing)
  • nutritional supplements, general and targeted to conditions
  • amino acid therapies, antioxidants and neurotransmitters
  • anti-inflammatory treatments (reduce pain and destructive disease processes)
  • prescription medications, optimize dosages, minimize dependencies, maximize benefits with integrative approach
  • minor surgery and dermatological biopsies: warts, moles, fungal infections, toe nails, identify mystery growths.
Our diagnostic tools include:
  • all conventional laboratory testing from Quest, Legacy, Providence, Peace-Health, Lab Corp, Physicans Co-op
  • SpectraCell micronutrient and fractionated lipid tests
  • AlCat food intolerance/allergy testing
  • US Biotek food intolerance/allergy testing
  • Quicksilver mercury assay and tri-test
  • Melisa metal sensitivity test
  • Doctor's Data, heavy metal testing hair, urine, feces, DMPS challenge test
  • Neurosciences neurotransmitter testing

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Meet our physicians

Dr. Anya Chang
Naturopathic Physician
Massage Therapist Lic. #8305
Dr. Jeff Clark
Naturopathic Physician
Dr. Bijana Devo Kadakia
Naturopathic Physician
Licensed Acupuncturist
Dr. Wendy Rogers
Naturopathic Physician
Licensed Acupuncturist
Dr. Teah Adams
Chiropractic Physician
Massage Therapist Lic. #10565
Lisa Pendleton
Massage Therapist Lic. #11127

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