Farm For Rent in S. Oregon

Available April 2008

Rental Terms and contact information

Photos of inside the house

2400 sq ft. 4 bedroom 2 bath farmhouse on 1+ acres of barn yard, garden, with optional 10 acres of pasture located 7 miles from Hwy I-5, 15 miles from Roseburg Factoids a town of 20,000, 52 miles from Eugene Factoids Oregon's third largest city of 150,000.

The house is vintage craftsman style updated with energy efficiency

It is heated and cooled by a recently installed air source electric heat pump Factoids and new model woodstove. Windows have been replaced with double pane, walls and ceilings have been updated for high R-value. NW electric grid is 80% hydroelectric with increasing amounts of wind power for a renewable electric future. The rest of the services are well and septic system on the property and there is abundant wood on the greater property and in the surrounding area for annual heating and low winter utility bills.

Garden space

There is an approximately one acre garden space conveniently located next to the house, part of which is seen in the foreground of this photo. Irrigation water for the garden is provided by the ranching operation on the other 100+ acres of the larger property. Any amount of the optional acres of pasture adjacent to the farm house may also be used as garden or orchard. The included farm house ground for is all deep soil bottom land with creeks as borders.


This is another view of the 1 acre garden spot. The house view in the picture above is 90 degrees to the right of this view. This view is to the south. The barn in this photo is in the optional pasture area.


This is a view of some of the optional pasture available with the farm house rental. Just past the grass at the top and before the brush, you might notice the turkeys strutting across the field. I count at least 8, which is a small flock. During breeding season flocks of 50 to 100 can be seen. There are often black tail deer on the property. Special deer hunting tags can be obtained for hunting on the entire 114 acre farm/ranch. There is one deer and two turkey hunting seasons per year. Hunting rights on the property are restricted to the farm renters and the ranchers.

Associated Ranch

These are some of the mostly Scottish Highland Cattle on the 100+ acre ranch portion of the farm/ranch. The ranching operation is being managed for humane animal treatment and sustainability. No hormones or prophylactic antibiotics are given to these animals. They are free range grass fed and grass finished on the property for maximum omega-3 fatty acid content, an important nutritional component for the humans that eat the beef. No herbicides nor pesticides are sprayed on the property, nor generally in the ranches in the surrounding area. The hay you see on the ground in this picture was used to gently coax these animals into the next pasture in their rotation.


  • $1100 per month for the farmhouse on 1+ acres, $1200 if the optional 10 acres of pasture are included
  • house is available for long term rental on month to month
  • first months rent + security deposit
  • you can keep outside dogs and poultry, and with the optional 10 acres of pasture pigs, cattle, sheep, goats and/or horses
  • for more information, to visit the property, or submit an application contact: North County Realty, Sutherlin, OR. 541-459-2232,