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Undersink Water Filter


Stage-One Prefilter 

Stage-Two Carbon Block Filter

Includes all installation & maintenance hardware, metal-free long reach faucet, pressure relief valve, saddle valve, instructions, and a set of two filter cartridges.
6.7¢ per gallon
(operating cost based on 600 gallon filter cartridge life)


Technical Specifications

Replacement Filter Cartridges

Scientific References

Do you know the source and quality of your drinking water ? Do you know all the possible ways your water can become contaminated ?

Did you know that chlorine and chloramine - the chemicals used to disinfect drinking water - create carcinogens on the way to your tap ?

Carbon block water filtration makes your water, coffee, tea, juice and cooked foods taste the way they should.

More economical and environment friendly than reverse osmosis or distillation - carbon block filtration severely diminishes the long term chemical exposure found in nearly every treated water system in the USA - chlorine and chloroform.

Carbon block filtration severely diminishes toxic metals and a considerable number of other chemicals that can be found contaminating drinking water systems. (See Technical Specifications)

Carbon block is the same technology used by analytical laboratories to create reference water for testing wells and water sources.

This two-stage under sink water filter system arrives ready for the handyman to install.

The first filter stage captures rust and sediment, maximizing the life of the ultra fine, 0.5 micron carbon block second filter stage.

Compare 6.7¢ per gallon and the convenience of your own pristine water on tap -- against lugging bottled water at $0.59 per gallon (recent supermarket bargain price in Portland, Oregon).

Under Sink Water Filter
- Manufacturers Specifications


 Average Cartridge Life

600 gallons / 4-6 months
 Flow Rate

1 gallon per minute

 0.5 micron

 Carbon Block

Under Sink Water Filter Performance
- Manufacturer's Qualification Tests for NSF® International Certification

Tested and Certified to NSF Standards:

42: Taste & odor, chlorine reduction class I
53: Health effects, cyrptosporidium, giardia cyst reduction and lead reduction

*NSF® - is the registered trademark of National Sanitation Foundation an independent, not-for-profit testing organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute.


 Rust, Sediment & Asbestos  99.9% 
 Chlorine & Odor  99%
 Lead  99%
 Mercury  91.2%
 Cryptosporidium & Giardia Cysts  99.99%
 Volatile Organic Compounds: (including the following 43 compounds)
 trihalomethanes  1,1-dichloroethylene  pentachlorophenol
 chloroform  cis-1,2-dichloroethylene  simzaine
 bromoform  trans-1,2-dichloroethylene  styrene
 bromodichloromethane  1,2-dichloropropane  1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane
 alachlor  cis-1,3-dichloropylene  tetrachloroethane
 atrazine  dinoseb  toluene
 benzene  endrin  2,4,5-TP (silvex)
 carbofuran  ethylbenzene  1,2,4-trichlorbenzene
 carbon tetrachloride  ethylene dibromide (EDB)  1,1,1-trichloroethane
 chlorobenzene  heptachlor  1,1,2-trichloroethane
 2,4-D  heptachlor epoxide  trichloroethylene
 dibromochlorpropane  hexachlorobutadiene  chlorodibromomethane
 o-dichlorobenzene  hexachlorocyclopentadiene  xylenes (total)
 p-dichlorobenzene  lindane  
 1,2-dichloroethane  methoxychlor  
 Turbidity  99%

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